Looking for a certified pre-owned DATRON?

Break the Mold, Not Your Budget

A Few Years Older, But Still Printing Money

You’re looking for a “new” machine that will revolutionize your workflow and increase your productivity, but where do you go to find it? Whether looking to compliment your existing VMC’s, would like to bring production in house, or simply looking to make the jump into high speed machining, we may have the used machine to fit your needs. 

What’s in Stock…For Now

bet体育平台Used DATRON cnc machines aren’t typically available for that long. Take a look our current stock of used machines and call 888.262.2833 if interested or for more information.


3KW 40,000 rpm spindle

12 Station covered tool changer

evaporating Spray-mist coolant system

Concrete polymer table - 40" x 32" x 9" (X,Y,Z)

M8Cube milling video

to view the M8Cube with HSC Pro milling.
*Actual machine photos available upon request.


600W Variable 60,000 rpm spindle

20 Station Automatic tool changer

evaporating Spray-mist coolant system

Concrete polymer table - 40" x 27" x 9" (X,Y,Z)

m35 milling video

to view the M35 milling.
bet体育平台*Actual machine photos available upon request.

CNC Milling Technology for Your Success!

Touch-screen Interface
Aren’t pictures easier to identify than numbers or code? And easier means faster, right? That’s why M8Cube uses icons and graphics like a smartphone and eliminates numerical input. All you do is touch icons on the screen to load jobs or select tools. The CAM-Wizard walks you though 4 easy steps to finish a machined part. Easy is Faster!
Camera-assisted Setup
The quality of a machined part starts with precise setup of the workpiece, including establishing a zero point for orientation. M8Cube’s on-board camera virtually eliminates human error. When it shows your workpiece on the screen, just trace it with your finger, set the probing points, and let neo do the rest!
Large Work Area
Do almost anything with a large 40” x 32” bed. Position the workholding setups you use the most while keeping the flexibility to take them on and off whenever you want … without impacting repeatability. Conical inserts in the bed guarantee the position of your setups as you react to changing needs. (explained further on Workholding Accessories Page)
Up to 30-Station Tool Management
A graphic representation of the tool magazine gives at-a-glance stats on tool locations, types, diameters, and flute lengths. A filter function allows you to find a specific tool within seconds. The tool management stores all information on DATRON tools, eliminating time-consuming manual tool data entry.

High-Speed CNC Milling Industries & Applications

Industrial Manufacturing
High-quality machining with optional automation. Faster cycles!
Aerospace and Defense
Precision machining of panels, illuminated instrumentation and other small parts.
Consumer Electronics
Prototyping and short-runs of housings, enclosures and internal components.
Medical Devices
Fast production of medical parts with no degreasing required!
Job Shops
Increase your shop’s growth opportunities in new and highly-profitable markets with CNC machining.

Questions About DATRON CNC Milling Machines?

DATRON machines dramatically reduce practically every aspect of your machining workflow. If you have any questions regarding DATRON CNC Milling Machines, cnc cutting tools, accessories, or more, please contact us. 

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